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Legal capacity

Read about legal capacity for adults, under 18s or someone with impaired capacity here and if you are involved in court proceedings, read here.

Power of attorney

Is there someone who can make important health decisions for you if you are unable to? A power of attorney is a written authorisation for someone to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter. More

Advance care planning

Advance care planning lets other people know in advance your wishes about healthcare if you ever become too unwell to make decisions or speak for yourself. More

Guardianship & Administration

Guardianship and administration law governs the situation where an individual is no longer able to make certain personal and health care decisions on their own. More

Mental Health Review Tribunal Guide

The Mental Health Review Tribunal is a specialist quasi-judicial body constituted under the Mental Health Act. It conducts mental health reviews of orders about the treatment and care of people with a mental illness. This guide can help you navigate the Tribunal and its rules. More

Mental health law factsheets

Mental health law governs a range of matters concerning temporary involuntary detention, assessment or treatment of persons with a mental illness when the person is not capable of consenting to required medical treatment. This site includes various factsheets services that may assist you in understanding this area of law. More

This website contains links to a range of resources you might need to help with health law issues and related problems. If you need assistance to use these resources or would like help to navigate mental health law, please see the services LawRight offers by clicking the button below or telephone us on 07 3846 6317.

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